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Manufacturing of Apparel, Manufacturing of Soft Lines, Soft-Goods for the Cut and Sew Industry.

L.A. Rag Maker DBA Russh Mode, Prayer Dudz and Barbecue Whizz...Watch My Smoke is a manufacturer of apparel and other soft goods including grilling aprons produced in the U.S.A. with systems and methods to produce innovative high-quality products with a quick turnaround.

Our mission

At L.A. Rag Maker, we are committed to push the boundaries of style and innovation. Seeking to empower individuals through high quality and sustainable fashion while respecting the planet and those who inhabit it. The mission is to help consumers feel confident, stylish, and responsible when they wear our designs.

Vendor Profile



Primary NAICS: 315250 - Cut And Sew Apparel Manufacturing (Except Contractors)

Secondary NAICS: 313220, 314999, 315210, 315990, 323113, 458110, 541613, 561910